by Kaileigh Fagan

Despite a proposed $2.4 billion (19.8%) cut to the Department of Labor’s annual budget in President Trump’s fiscal year 2018 budget proposal, the lead U.S. workplace safety agencies – the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) – would see only small budgetary changes. Continue Reading President’s 2018 budget impacts some safety agencies more than others

A federal district court judge in Ohio granted yesterday a joint request by industry plaintiffs and MSHA to put on hold their pending litigation over the validity of the agency’s 2013 Pattern of Violations (“POV”) rule while the parties explore settlement. The POV rule is MSHA’s harshest enforcement mechanism. Continue Reading Industry and MSHA pause POV case to talk settlement

by Brad Hiles and Ben McMillen

It can be challenging enough to comply with all of the regulations that apply to your business. What if you don’t even know which safety agency’s rules apply? Which enforcement agents will show up at your door? In some industries, the line between MSHA and OSHA jurisdiction can be complicated and blurry.

Continue Reading Blurred lines: Does MSHA or OSHA have jurisdiction at your site?

Following the inauguration, the incoming Trump administration ultimately will have to fill some 4,000 political appointee positions across the federal government, including in safety and health agencies, such as MSHA and OSHA. The outgoing Obama administration may yet have some rulemaking up its sleeve. What to expect? Gaze inside the crystal ball with us. Continue Reading President-Elect Trump’s potential MSHA and OSHA initiatives