A federal district court judge in Ohio granted yesterday a joint request by industry plaintiffs and MSHA to put on hold their pending litigation over the validity of the agency’s 2013 Pattern of Violations (“POV”) rule while the parties explore settlement. The POV rule is MSHA’s harshest enforcement mechanism. Continue Reading Industry and MSHA pause POV case to talk settlement

Just a few months after OSHA civil penalties increased by 78%, OSHA published another increase to its civil penalties on January 18, 2017. The latest bump in penalties, which a recent federal law required OSHA to issue, was far more modest, amounting to an adjustment for inflation of about 1% based on the Consumer Price Index. Continue Reading OSHA civil penalties increase again for 2017

Today, OSHA’s new final rule on slip, trip and fall hazards in general industry took effect. After years of rulemaking, the agency released the final rule in mid-November. OSHA says the rule “updates” general industry regulations for preventing slips, trips, and falls and also adds a new section on personal protective equipment, including requirements for using personal fall protection systems.

Continue Reading Don’t fall prey to OSHA’s new slip, trip and fall rule