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Amy Wachs is a partner in the St. Louis office of Husch Blackwell with over 25 years of experience in counseling businesses on health & safety and environmental regulations. She routinely counsels clients with ongoing OSHA inspections, accident investigations and OSHA citations, as well as providing detailed analyses of the applicability of the OSHA regulations to specific manufacturing and other situations.

The most recent Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) Regulatory Agenda shows a further delay for the agency to finally promulgate long-awaited changes to its Chemical Accident Prevention Program, also known as the Risk Management Program (“RMP”).  After Obama made major changes, the Trump EPA delayed them and now seeks to reverse them. Want to understand this complicated saga and learn what to expect? Read on.
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The dramatic evacuation of a 1.5-mile area around the Arkema, Inc. organic peroxide plant in Crosby, Texas, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has renewed interest in pending amendments to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Risk Management Program and may well affect the outcome of EPA’s reconsideration of these amendments.
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Today, OSHA’s new final rule on slip, trip and fall hazards in general industry took effect. After years of rulemaking, the agency released the final rule in mid-November. OSHA says the rule “updates” general industry regulations for preventing slips, trips, and falls and also adds a new section on personal protective equipment, including requirements for using personal fall protection systems.
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