Today, OSHA and industry observe National Forklift Safety Day to raise awareness about the the importance of powered industrial truck safety. In anticipation, OSHA is promoting its extensive online forklift safety resources.

OSHA and the Industrial Truck Association promote the day to highlight “the safe use of forklifts, the importance of operator training, and the need for daily equipment checks.” The ITA will host a schedule of meetings in Washington to mark the occasion.

Powered industrial trucks include a range of equipment utilized across industries to lift and move boxes, crates, containers, and equipment. They are essential in warehouses, factories, docks, and retail establishments.

Some are designed for operators to ride on, while others function like motorized hand trucks. Safety challenges include preventing loads from falling, avoiding collisions with pedestrians, and maintaining control of trucks so they do not drive off the edge of docks and ramps.

For its part, OSHA is highlighting its online training and compliance resources for safe forklift operation. These include several sample pre-operation checklists to use before operating a powered industrial truck, including a sample daily checklist developed by OSHA and the ITA, as well as another created by the UAW-Ford National Joint Committee on Health and Safety.