Are older workers more likely to die in workplace accidents? A research fellow studying aging and workforce issues with the Associated Press published an analysis yesterday, reporting that “[o]lder people are dying on the job at a higher rate than workers overall, even as the rate of workplace fatalities decreases.”

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by Henry Chajet and Kaileigh Fagan

With the summer in full swing, employers should remember that the season’s heat and bugs are not just uncomfortable nuisances. They can easily become legal liabilities. In this two-part series, we’ll walk through the hazards and preventive guidance you need to protect your workers and your safety record. Continue Reading Could summer mean itchy, swelling enforcement?

by Brad Hiles and Ben McMillen

It can be challenging enough to comply with all of the regulations that apply to your business. What if you don’t even know which safety agency’s rules apply? Which enforcement agents will show up at your door? In some industries, the line between MSHA and OSHA jurisdiction can be complicated and blurry.

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Today, OSHA’s new final rule on slip, trip and fall hazards in general industry took effect. After years of rulemaking, the agency released the final rule in mid-November. OSHA says the rule “updates” general industry regulations for preventing slips, trips, and falls and also adds a new section on personal protective equipment, including requirements for using personal fall protection systems.

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