Next week – on February 12 and 13 – Husch Blackwell attorneys Erik Dullea, Phil Bower, Avi Meyerstein, Hal Perloff and Brian Waagner will be presenting at the 2019 NSSGA AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo in Indianapolis on a number of topics. Please join us if you are at the event.

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Last week, the years-long saga of OSHA’s 2016 injury and illness record-keeping rule took another turn, leaving many employers confused about what injury records they must submit to OSHA. In this quick-and-easy FAQ, we clear up the confusion with answers to the top 10 questions about OSHA’s new injury and illness records rule.

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The White House has re-nominated several safety agency nominees, whose nominations expired when the last Congress adjourned. These include Scott Mugno, nominated to serve as OSHA’s leader, and three nominees to be judges on the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission (FMSHRC).

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A report at the end of last year by DOL’s Office of Inspector General highlights what OIG considers major challenges for OSHA and MSHA in fulfilling their missions. The report also provides a window into where the workplace safety agencies may focus their energies in 2019 – and where employers may face increased risks of enforcement and other liability.

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In October, OSHA published its regulatory agenda, listing all regulatory actions under consideration. Consistent with the current administration’s stated focus on regulatory reform, OSHA calls many of the rulemaking actions “deregulatory” and says that many are either completed or have moved into the final rule stages.

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OSHA announced this month that it is clarifying, and effectively rolling back, portions of the injury and illness rule guidance it issued in 2016. The decision clarifies and walks back guidance that potentially penalized employers for certain drug testing policies and safety incentive programs.

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