OSHA and a long list of public and private partners are promoting next week as Safe + Sound Week. The goal is to raise awareness about the value of integrated safety and health programs in workplaces. Companies looking to participate in local public events or hold their own can find resources and ideas at the OSHA Safe + Sound web site.

Integrated safety and health programs “include management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to finding and fixing hazards in workplaces.” OSHA’s Andrew Levinson recently presented a PowerPoint about the initiative, which is available here (shared with permission).

OSHA suggests a range of ideas for companies to participate (“celebrate”) next week (and beyond). It has a short summary document with ideas “for any schedule” – one-hour, half-day, and longer program ideas. It also offers more detailed suggestions, including:

  • Having company leadership deliver a safety and health message (PDF)
  • Publicizing your commitment to safety and health (PDF)
  • Engaging workers to provide feedback (PDF)
  • Providing new information resources to workers (PDF)
  • Recognizing workers or teams for contributions to workplace safety (PDF)
  • Spotlighting hazards and controls (PDF)
  • Creating challenges, contests, and competitions (PDF)
  • Evaluating safety and health processes and systems (PDF)
  • Conducting analyses to identify hazards (PDF)

To give a quick intro to the initiative, OSHA posted the following video online: