As companies adopt response plans to protect against coronavirus, some employees may push back, wondering if skipping that next in-person meeting could really make a difference. Here are a couple stories showing that one meeting can matter (and also that your company can beat the virus with an aggressive, thoughtful response).

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As part of its “Blurring the Lines” initiative, MSHA is now implementing plans to dramatically change its internal organization for enforcement and has released a map showing the new hierarchy. Before, individual coal and metal/non-metal districts reported directly to a coal or metal/non-metal administrator at headquarters in Arlington. Now, MSHA will divide the country into three regions, with each district (whether coal or metal/non-metal) reporting to a single regional administrator.

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With fatalities at record lows, how can MSHA take a different approach to safety in 2019? In the recent Rock Products magazine, I considered MSHA’s traditional approach to its role as regulator and offered some thoughts on new directions in the year ahead.

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The Department of Labor’s Inspector General (IG) set out to answer a very specific question: Have MSHA’s civil penalties deterred unsafe mine operations? That seems like a fair question, given that MSHA has assessed more than $1 billion and collected more than $800 million in civil monetary penalties since 2000.

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When medical marijuana first started to become legal, mine operators responded in a similar way. Most mines continue to have a zero tolerance policy for both applicants and current employees for several good reasons. But, as local legalization spreads across the country, state laws and recent court decisions are creating challenges for employers.

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