Kim Slowey of Construction Dive reviews the top 10 OSHA penalties in construction under the Trump administration. She notes that while the new OSHA’s news releases may be toned down from the prior administration’s, “that doesn’t mean OSHA stopped citing and fining companies.”

As the list reveals, there have been no shortage of willful citations and substantial penalties. Slowey notes that some companies have even been added to OSHA’s Severe Violators Enforcement Program as a result.

Indeed, she concludes that

since Trump took office, OSHA has proposed some of the biggest penalties in recent years. Ten of the biggest construction industry fines, based on the most recent OSHA records available, range from approximately $1.5 million to a little more than $271,000. Fall protection violations and trench violations make a strong showing on the list, as does the fact that many of these citations and proposed fines are being contested or negotiated down as part of informal or formal settlement agreements.

Check out her full review, with summaries of the top 10 penalties, here.