When medical marijuana first started to become legal, mine operators responded in a similar way. Most mines continue to have a zero tolerance policy for both applicants and current employees for several good reasons. But, as local legalization spreads across the country, state laws and recent court decisions are creating challenges for employers.

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Since the 1990s, videos and computers have become increasingly popular tools for safety and health training. Along the way, OSHA has raised concerns more than once about what it sees as the limits of online training for complying with agency standards. While OSHA repeated those concerns again earlier this year, it also appears ready for a new approach. What does OSHA say now about online training, and where may it be headed?

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With the 2019 holiday shopping season kicking off in earnest this upcoming Black Friday, OSHA circulated reminders last week of some of its key resources and concerns for safety and health in retail stores, especially during the holiday rush. What can retailers expect from OSHA this holiday season, and how can you stay prepared to reduce the chance of enforcement?

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After a court rejected MSHA’s 2018 changes to its metal/non-metal workplace examination rule, tomorrow (Monday) MSHA will publish an announcement that reinstates the 2017 rule. The notice serves to “recognize[] the legal effect of the court order” and revise the rule to comply. Here are the key takeaways.

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In 2016, OSHA issued a serious citation to a private security guard firm that did not require its armed security guards to wear bulletproof vests. An ALJ tossed out the citation, but the story’s not over. OSHA has an appeal pending before the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission. At stake: whether certain employers must require employees to wear bulletproof vests as personal protective equipment (PPE).

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